AI and Machine Learning: Empathetic Contact Centers

AI and Machine Learning: Empathetic Contact Centers

As the Machine Learning market grows from $8.43 billion in 2019 to a projected $226.92 billion in 2027 according to Fortune Business Insights, AI continues to accelerate its growth for an expanding variety of applications.

The pandemic that is currently devastating international markets has also given way to a number of different tendencies that converge into what some analysts, such as Accenture, have called “Human Centered”. According to Accenture  “these changes, the combination of an approach centered on people together with corporate strategy based on data and analysis, are the key for growth”.

How can we obtain qualitative data that exceeds the generic KPI’s that are used in Call Centers? Which is the data that would allow us to manage under this new approach? Since 2018 Eolos has been working on AI engines in combination with our telecommunications solutions for Call Centers. The result of this has been the creation of a beta version of MANDALA, which we call an Empathetic Call Center.

Although MANDALA is under constant development, its core is solid. It allows the identification of the 5 basic universal emotions via AI during a videoconference conversation integrating our Eolos Meet conference suite. This way the agent can know what the customer is feeling at all times while providing qualitative metrics to be analyzed by the different departments involved in management and customer satisfaction.

We are just one step away from making corporate communications more human. We’re able to offer you integration with more complex systems that will provide your company with powerful tools for a human vision.