API Rest: Managing the Contact Center from the CRM

API Rest: Managing the Contact Center from the CRM

The virtualization of processes continues to pose creative challenges to technology departments. Companies are increasingly demanding a Customer Center vision fueled by the rhythm of online business.

Omnichannel and client success is central for the survival of a business. Today our clients demand greater integration between their Contact Centers and their systems.

The power of API Rest

One of our clients, 123Seguro, brought us the task of highly integrating our Contact Center Suite with their proprietary CRM. Our challenge was to adequately understand our client’s business and processes. The client wanted the Contact Center at the core of their commercial strategy. We had to shift our thinking pattern of dealing only with inbound calls to aggressively combining the inbound and outbound calls made by the client’s reps. Amongst the requirements posed, the reps needed the freedom to manage calling cues as well as to participate in campaigns. The client also needed a clear and simple dashboard. And it had to be executed in 3 countries.

Put simply, the technical challenge was how to integrate the Contact Center Suite with a proprietary CRM while at the same time manage the on-site activity of reps and operators. The client wanted to grant more freedom and autonomy to its experienced reps. Giving them the power to participate in campaigns while monitoring their performance and activity.

Our solution was to integrate the CRM with our Contact Center Suite and the on-site activities tool. The CRM would dictate the work flows and cues to the Contact Center. We also provided them the coding to work as a team with their IT Department. The outcome is that the Contact Center is “managed” following the CRM’s rules and the reports are available from the client’s CRM. In doing this we were able to give control back to the end user so that he can base his decision making on objectives.


Empowering the Citizen

 A similar scenario arose when a client within the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires posed the need to better their services to the citizenry through their Contact Center integrated to their CRM.

This time our challenge was to uphold the client’s Privacy Policy. Direct access to the client’s Knowledge Base as out of the question. The integration of our Contact Center Suite allowed them to work with transparency in two ways: the Citizen entered the Contact Center with their ID who would then in turn send the internal requirement to the CRM. This way the operator could access and see the Contact Activity.

This provided greater agility and equipped the acquired Knowledge Base with greater interaction with the Contact Center and with the needed campaigns.

At Eolos we focus on our client’s success and work so that our solution suite adapts to our client’s existing systems.