Click-to-Call: your contact center on the web

Click-to-Call: your contact center on the web

It’s been said over and over again. The pandemic has accelerated technological transformations across the entire globe. And we can dare to say that this is just the beginning of a grand process that will permanently change group dynamics, processes, commerce and people.

Global commerce is sharply turning toward e-commerce, that according to Statista, represents 22% of worldwide retail sales. In this scenario it’s not the economies of the developed world that lead the project. This change has rapidly started to develop in the outskirts: according to the same consulting firm, Turkey is leading the way.

Another resonating example, this time in Latin America, is the Argentine firm Mercado Libre who has expanded its domination of the region with its own fleet of airplanes, dwarfing the online giant Amazon and reaching net worth of ¼ of Argentina’s GDP. According to the Financial Times this makes them one of the titans of global e-commerce.

Humanizing the Web

There should be no doubt. If you’re not paying proper attention to your web page as a business generator then you’re living in the wrong world. And even this not enough. According to Business Insider “for 2024 Insider Intelligence predicts that retail spending through chatbots by consumers worldwide will reach $142 Billion compared to only $2.8 Billion in 2019”

A chatbot can resolve a great chunk of the customer service load for prospects but this is not enough for quality customer service. At EOLOS we are motivated to connect people using the latest generation technology, and our Click-to-Call solutions can lead your web traffic to your decentralized contact center.

All things considered, if innovation is your deal then our Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution MANDALA will allow you to analyze your client’s emotions and obtain both quantitative and qualitative metrics, enabling greater engagement with your clients. We can help connect your web and your social media with a state-of-the art contact center.