Give your customer service and web traffic a human touch with this fast and powerful product.


Our Click-2-Call service is an indispensable tool to communicate users -prospects, clients, members, patients – with the company in real time. Click-2-Call allows you to make a call from any device and environment by means of a QR code, email or webpage.

This tool improves services provided from digital assets – webpage, email marketing and social networks – and converts digital traffic into calls to a customer service rep via the Contact Center.


Applying WEBRTC technology, our Click-2-Call service allows users to connect to your organization without the need for installing other applications.

Given its simplicity of use, this product can be used by anyone to instantly contact your organization. By adding ASR (Automated Speech Recognition), Click-2-Call can access and communicate with any predefined divisions within your company.


  • Immediate communications just one click away.
  • Better service for your web traffic.
  • Integration with all your web platforms (WordPress, Wix, etc.)
  • Smart interaction: Click-2-Call can be used with live operators or in chatbot mode.
  • A 100% native IP solution.


By using a floating action button (FAB) on your webpage, or a link in your emails or social networks, Click-2-Call works with through an IP connection, with no need for a phone device or a telephony service plan. This Eolos solution is 100% IP native and does not require third party intervention.


  • Web Hosting providers.
  • Web developers.
  • Land-based and mobile telephony providers.
  • Internet service providers.