Call Center in the cloud


The client was operating from their offices the independent communication centers dedicated to each country they were servicing. They had the need to centralize the entire operation in a sole communications platform in the cloud from where their employees could work with different countries without having to configure or reconfigure their workstations each time. In addition, they required access to the recordings of all communications in real time and without delay.


We offered to install our proprietary Google Cloud Platform based communications platform with multi-country integration and connection via API Rest to the client’s CRM.


We deployed the solution in GCP (Google Cloud Platform), we configured and produced the solution country by country, connecting via secure SIP trunks with a unique ITSP with multi-country terminal capability and local providers for back-up.


Once the deployment was finalized, the client had its entire telephony operation in the cloud with a unique provider and a unique ITSP.

The client operates their call center from their CRM environment via API Rest and with the Queue Viewer application they can visualize the status of the call center in real time, with state-of-the art metrics and viewing of all recordings.