Connect your digital assets throughout EolosNow

Connect your digital assets throughout EolosNow


Having an omnichannel platform provides customers with a seamless experience across all communication channels. It allows customers to access information on various channels, such as websites, CRM, social networks, and more. Additionally, customers can communicate with customer service representatives on different channels without having to switch between them. This allows customer service reps to provide more efficient and tailored support solutions to customers.

An omnichannel platform also helps improve customer experience by providing users with the right information at the right time. Furthermore, the platform allows companies to better track customer conversations and interactions, allowing them to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences.



It can make it easier for everyone to stay on the same page and ensure that everyone is updated on the latest news and developments. Having a unified platform allows for better collaboration and coordination, allowing everyone to work more efficiently. Additionally, a communication platform can help your company to facilitate customer service interactions, allowing customers to get the support they need quickly and easily.



EolosNow is a simple, robust and scalable communication tool that helps you handle your company’s communications in an easy way.

It allows intra/extra company conversations, keeping separate conversation threads, sharing files, talking on the phone, and more.

In addition, it’s easy to integrate with your company’s existing systems.

The solution can be used either as a service hosted in the Eolos Cloud, installed in the client’s cloud or installed ON-PREM on a virtual server or an Eolos appliance.

After being deployed and configured, the platform displays a friendly management interface that allows all corporate users to have a multiplatform portal for fast communication with company staff and clients.



At Eolos, we have the knowledge and experience to develop customised solutions that meet the needs of your organisation, while providing advice on the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for your business.

We’ll help you identify potential problems with your current system and provide recommendations for improving performance, making the most of emerging technologies such as cloud phone systems and VoIP.

We can help ensure that your organisation is getting the most out of its telecommunication infrastructure.