Simple, robust and scalable communications tool built to address the communication needs of your company.

EolosNow includes both messaging and telephony solutions, allowing for the management of all your communication needs on a single 100% web based platform.

It can be easily integrated with connectors for all types of applications. We provide multiple modules adaptable to each and every business.

EolosNow is composed of 4 different modules and you can license as many modules as your company needs.



This module allows for internal and external encrypted messaging, separate message threads, file sharing, audio messaging, bot integration and the use of our Click-To-Call tool, as well multiple other functionalities. Manage all of your communications, including social networking, on a single platform.


Our Telephony Module allows you to make internal and external phone calls. You can also choose to include our Click-To-Call tool so that your users are only a click away. By purchasing this module all of your users will have access to a detailed call registry, voicemail and dialpad.


Create and manage campaigns, visualizing their status and the performance of the agents involved. Configure the status of your agents in order to track their daily work. View agent and customer service stats. Record all communications and review them with easy access tags.


We provide fast and reliable integration of your existing company tools. Unification of your external channels within a single platform, i.e. WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Includes web components, Click-To-Call, SMS and Bot API. You will also be able to integrate CRM, HIS, EHR, and more.

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User-based licensing.

Cloud or ON-Prem Deployment.

API Rest integrated with external platforms: CRM, EHR, HIS, Appointment System and more.

Specialized tech support 24/7.

Specialized tech support 24/7.

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