Is SMS Messaging Dying?

Is SMS Messaging Dying?

SMS (Short Message Service) is about to turn 30. According to Wikipedia “the first commercial SMS message was sent on Vodafone’s GSM network on December 3rd, 1992 through a computer in the USA and it read “Merry_ Christmas””.

In these almost 30 years of life and in spite of the booming success of WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and the recently popular Signal, SMS is still putting up a fight. According to some specialists in digital marketing “its rate of usage is about 98%, even more than email which depending on the industry can reach 45%”. This is possible due to the fact that SMS messaging is 100% compatible with a wide variety of cellular and smart phones as opposed to other means of communication. As published by Juniper Research, in 2025 the SMS market will reach a volume of 50 billion dollars.

Main Uses of SMS Messaging

Although messaging applications play a fundamental role in corporate and social communication, SMS is still a powerful, cheap and effective management tool for Eolos’ commercial clients. Our principal clients use our technology because it provides them with a secure, stable and robust administration of their communications. Their main uses are:

Two Tier Authentication
As a vital part of our client’s security strategy, SMS continues to be their system of choice due to its versatility, simplicity and low cost.

Collections Management
Our corporate client’s credit and collections departments use SMS as an indispensable tool for the support of their contact centers in this critical segment of their business.

Promotional Marketing and User Activation
La saturation of channels such as email, messaging and social media make SMS an ideal tool for highlighting promotional campaigns or the activation of users, outperforming more traditional technologies in their effectiveness.

Although it’s reached maturity, SMS is still a powerful and effective tool that can complement the secure and robust communications strategies of any business. At Eolos we strive so that our clients can communicate through any platform or device.

Eolos provides its partners and clients the capability of sending/receiving SMS, with its SMSC locally deployed (on-premise) or in the cloud, and with all of Eolos’ and Telestax’s technology.