Automated management of customer service.


The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution with SMS provides a multiplicity of features for users. Ranging from 100% automated customer satisfaction surveys to management system inquiries regarding payments, shipments, deliveries, documentation and more.

The Eolos system integrates TTS, ASR and SMS, enabling multiple incoming-outgoing services in real time or asynchronically, creating highly simplified workflows and response trees with its drag-and-drop system.


Once the client is connected to the IVR/SMS, all of the system’s functionalities become available by following simple steps, thanks to a robust yet easy to use graphic interface.


By automating tasks for both the company and the client, the IVR/SMS solution brings benefits to all parties. It informs clients about shipments, deliveries, and due dates, and provides the company valuable information provided by its clients.


An automated inbound/outbound customer service solution that will score the quality of your service, allowing continuous improvement. Enhance your NPS metrics with this completely automated solution.

Its simplified management helps you create workflows quickly and gives you the flexibility needed to adequately address your business’ changing needs.


The IVR/SMS solution can be used by any company whose goal is to provide better customer service, surveys, notifications and more.