EolosMQ Middleware

The bridge connecting your systems to your communication platform


EolosMQ Middleware is a powerful messaging and intermediation tool linking together different technologies thanks to its multiple connectors.

EolosMQ allows WebRTC, API Rest and other technologies to connect to databases, to a variety of telephony connectors, Call Centers, etc.


EolosMQ can be deployed in virtual and cloud-based services, in appliances and also placed as an intermediary device connecting systems, rendering it a vital business tool.


By using EolosMQ, our clients can integrate unconnected platforms, allowing them to share information. The result is a bridge for information and integration that enhances your business’ experience in the daily use of technological tools and improves the decision-making process.


Not only does EolosMQ allow the use of API Rest, it also features various connectors to legacy platforms. This way, with only one product you get state-of-the art technology capable of integrating with older platforms and systems.


Companies requiring the integration of their management systems with a diversity of technologies.