Omnichannel Communication Platform

Connect your webpage, CRM, social networks, and digital assets to your communication platform.


Nowadays clients demand telephony, social networking, and email capabilities in one single device. With our Omnichannel Communications Platform, clients will be able to access a state-of-the art telephony exchange, integration with Chatbots, WhatsApp, email, and all their digital assets. The evolution of what was once called UC (Unified Communications) is now possible thanks to our multichannel Platform.

Organizations need to be proactive and diligent when it comes to their digital assets (webpage and social media), investing large sums of money in order to increase web traffic, conversations, and to improve customer experience. Nonetheless, not all companies take into account the complexity of their internal communication infrastructure (which is now hybrid) nor their business guidelines. With Eolos you can take back control of your operations and channel all voice and chat communications with your customer service clientele through our Communication Platform.


The solution can be used either as a service hosted in the Eolos Cloud, installed in the client’s cloud or installed ON-PREM on a virtual server or an Eolos appliance.

After being deployed and configured, the platform displays a friendly management interface that allows all corporate users to have a multiplatform portal for fast communication with company staff and clients.


  • Greater control of user activity.
  • Customized dashboards.
  • Multiplatform connection.
  • Robust integration with third party platforms.
  • Simple integration with API Rest.
  • Business guideline customization.
  • On demand reports.
  • Building blocks for flexible growth.


By having a native middleware tool in the Communication Platform, our product allows the integration of multiple third-party solutions, CRM integrations, and omnichannel without affecting communication quality and the system’s core. This building block concept allows the client to create customized solutions focused on their specific requirements, needs and business guidelines.


  • Companies with more than 100 users.
  • Businesses with multiple branches.
  • Companies who want to add value to their businesses by integrating their management systems with their communications.
  • Public entities.